The Gods Of Antarctica


The Readers Paradise is delighted to launch a fiction based novel “The Gods of Antarctica” written by a young writer, Master Yashvardhan Shukla (13 years). He is fascinated by mythology, history, mystery & fiction and is involved in generating new and innovative ideas in these fields. Currently he is studying in 9th standard at Mount St. Mary’s School, New Delhi and simultaneously have started working on his second book. The novel is on the David’s life whose life takes a drastic turn when his family is destroyed by monstrous creature. Overnight, his normal life is shattered and he lands into the least populated continent of the world – Antarctica. Little does he know about the history of Antarctica, but soon ends up knowing his connection with the Gods of Antarctica. Where else will destiny take David? What more he will discover about Antarctica? Will he survive his perilous adventure? Read to find?

ISBN: 978-93-82110-38-5



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