Statistics for Behavioural and Social Sciences (Revised and Updated Edition)

Author: Prof. N.K. Chadha

The impetus to bring out this book comes from my experience and journey as a student, as a teacher, and as a researcher. Hence, I have included areas and work that has moved the field (as a basic and applied discipline) forward. The growth of psychology in multiple contexts is very exciting. I hope that the approach would help undergraduate students to better appreciate the value of scientific psychology, and the beginners to know and learn about the fascinating world of statistical methods, and to help, both, in enriching their lives.

In recent years there has been an increased focus on a more learner-centered approach in higher education. Our focus is to awaken student's curiosity so that they will want to learn more. Critical thinking situations which motivate and encourage students to think analytically about the content they have just read. These situations create a dialogue between the text and the reader. This book concludes with an optimistic note on Domains of Application in Statistical methods in various social and behavioral science domains.

Taking an idea and turning it into a book is not an easy task. This is especially true when the idea is regarding an abstract and quantitative discipline like statistical methods. In the course of my long association with various institutions, I have observed that students are generally not very comfortable with statistics and its application in various branches of social and behavioral sciences, despite the great emphasis given to statistics at various levels of academic and research domains. I have tried to explain each concept of statistical methods with very simple and lucid examples from the field of social and behavioral sciences. I am sure this attempt will help the readers to understand it and apply. Once they will start their journey with this book, I am say with full confidence that it will be worth understanding and excelling in their respective fields.



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