Socio-Economic Development in India

Author: Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Dagar , Dr. Jagdeep Kumar

1.Role of Health in Economic Growth: A Study on Indian States and G-20 Countries..
2 Social Exclusion of Differently Abled People and Inclusive Growth in India..
3 Causality between Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Haryana Since 1990.
4 Role of Unorganized Sector in Economic Growth
5 Education Scenario and Laws for Women Empowerment in India
6 Land Acquisition in Haryana: Misuse of term “Public Purpose” in Gurugram 
7 The Old Age Pension: Impact on Elderly and their Households in Haryana.
8 Women in Informal Sector: Issues and Challenges .
9 Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture and its Adaptations ..
10 Growth and Progress of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies in India and Haryana .
11 Role of Health and Education in Economic Development .
12 Poverty Eradication: A Study of National Policies and Plans.
13 Analysis of Development of Women Through Self-Employment in Haryana and India 
14 Issues in Sustainable Economic Growth in India.
15 A Study on Trends and Major Determinants of Paddy Production in Haryana .
16 Banking Sector Reform in India.
17 An Analysis of Major Growth Indicators in Indian states.
18 Role of Unorganized Sector in Indian Economic Development



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