Author: भगवंत राव दुबे

Shriramcharitmanas -Chintan Avam Tulsi Darshan by Bhagwant Rao Dubey is a departure from the past in understanding the Tulsikrat Ramayan, a depository of Indian cultural values and heritage, in true perspective.The approach in the book is problem oriented rather reiterating supremacy of Ram. For the first time, the spirit of oft criticised Chopai Dhol Ganwar Shudra Pashu Nari Sakal taran ke Adhikari has been brought in bold relief. Similarly, Tulsidasji, criticised as Brahmanwadi , has been projected as Progressive on the basis of his compositions. If the Brahmins have been eulogised, it was the contextual necessity flowing from the holy Ram Katha which was not the imagination of Tulsidas but the creation of Lord Shiva. Moreover, Brahmin is not a caste of today but the Vedic Varna mythologically created by God . Views of Tulsidas on gender equality have also been discussed comprehensively. Diagnosis of the criticism of Ramayan and Tulsidas by the author is reading Ramayan in pieces without taking into account the context.Appreciating the time constraints and language difficulties of the keen readers, the author has provided chapter wise comprehensive summary of Ramayan. A very useful book for every household, admirers and critics of Tulsidas alike.

ISBN: 9788192074696



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