Shakespeare : The Indian Icon

Author: Vikram Chopra

Shakespeare is a world icon. The Indian Icon represents the Indian chapter of the global tribute to this supreme poet of humanity. While on the one hand it speaks of his openness as a bequest to man, on the other it shows the great love and admiration which the people of India have for Shakespeare and the subtle sense of sacredness they attach to him. Shakespeare has been an integral part of India's educational and cultural evolution for over two centuries. Human experience all over the world is essentially similar though existentially different; there is always something unique and distinctive in each individual as in each national culture. Indians, like other readers of Shakespeare, specifically because of their instinctive mould and philosophical heritage, are likely to offer some uniquely interesting and, at times, amazingly insightful observations about his many-splcndoured genius. Broad in scope and comprehensive in coverage, this collection of essays offers some idea of the range and vitality of the great Indian experience; the gradual but deep assimilation of Shakespeare into India's cultural ethos.

ISBN: 978-81-920751-2-9



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