Research and Thesis Writing

Author: J.C.ALMACK

This book has been written for graduate students in col- leges and universities who are engaged in the preparation of theses, and for teachers directing research work in seminar and laboratory. It deals with the fundamentals of research and thesis making, with but minor attention to ways and means. The purpose has been to set down some of the simple but basic items of information needed by typical be- ginners. The two introductory chapters take up the mean- ing of research and the thesis, and the nature, sources, and criteria of problems. These are followed by two chapters which set forth the underlying principles of the scientific method. The three chapters which follow treat, in some de- tail, the methods of normative, experimental, and historical research. These in turn are succeeded by three chapters containing suggestions as to the techniques for applying minor methods of investigation, using the library, and writing the thesis report. The final chapter deals with the evaluation of results.

ISBN: 978-93-89990-82-9



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