More than Sustainable Marketing

Author: Amit, Mihir, Nabila , Shagun , Vivek

The goal of this book is to grab readers attention on how case method help to do problem solving and diagnostic skills for business student, individual and society. If students are encouraged to use their own initiative through groundwork assignments and class discussion, they are better placed to transfer decision–making and problem solving skills into the workplace. Gradually the primary objective of this book is to help the reader ‘put theory into practice’.

All important concept related to management and commerce, cases are ideally suited to business studies, finance, accounting, marketing, economic, bureaucracy in banks, banking and operation management course which offer practical computing skills have been covered.

This book, as a beginning step to the budding managers or entrepreneurs, belonging to business families or seek to move ahead in business or transform, presents several cases that provide a wide developmental array to the business education. The content of the book is in eloquent manner and attempt has been made to maintain easy understanding of the caselets. In the preparation of the text the authors have included context from business events, reports and business news for the benefit and learning of students and researchers.

ISBN: 978-81-937251-7-7



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