More than marketing : Sustainable Marketing

Author: Sidhi Verma , V.K Singh . Santosh Kanojeya , Apoorva Bhatnagar

The book tries to make people aware about the sustainable products and their importance. Sustainable products are the products which satisfy the needs of consumers and they have no harmful effect on society and environment among whole life cycle as compared to conventional products. Sustainable products includes eco-labels, environment free designing, packaging etc.

The book also tries to explain the concept of sustainable promotion which also forms a very important part of sustainable marketing. The sustainability of the products, manufacturing processes or the firms CSR activities must be communicated to its stakeholders.

The book will help activists to understand the footprint of marketing on environment and society at large. It will assist marketing practitioners as well as students in unearthing the integrated sustainable marketing principles and provide a step by step guide in their practical application. It will be packed with relevant examples and case studies. The book highlights socio-environmental priorities, keeping in view the needs of 21st century consumer.

Contents: Sustainable Marketing: Understanding Basics, Capturing Sustainable marketing Insights from Consumer Point of View, Sustainable Pricing, Sustainable Marketing Channel, Sustainable Communication Value, Sustainability and Stakeholders, Sustainable marketing Environment & Process, Sustainability in Physical Evidence.




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