Mental Health and Mental Disorders Hardcover

Author: Agyajit Singh

Mental health has become one of the major issue in the twentieth-first century. Stressful life events cause anxiety, tension, frustration, maladjustment, and conflict which may lead to depression in the life of a man. Psychologists are working to devise some coping strategies and techniques to help overcome the emotional problems, so that he may lead a life full of happiness and wisdom. For this reason, the importance of mental health has increased in these days. So we should be well acquainted with the knowledge of different types of mental disorder, their causes, etiological factors, consequences in the life of a man as well as with the measures of treatment.


The present book entitled MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL DISORDERS has been written with this purpose in view. It throws light on the topics like mental health, panacea for modern living, emotional health— need of the present age, mental disorders like strains and stresses of modern life, anxiety as a mental disorder, frustration and maladjustment, mental conflict and depression, psychological burnout syndrome. A full description has also been given to mental disorders like psychoneuroses a mild mental illness, psychosis disorder which is a major mental disease, psycho-somatic disorders with special reference to stress and cancer, anger and pain management, psycho-therapeutic measures including psycho-analysis techniques.

Contents: Mental Health, Emotional Health, Mental Disorders, Strain and Stress in Modern Life, Anxiety, Frustration and Maladjustment, Mental Conflict and Depression, Psychological Burnout Syndrome, Psychoneuroses, Psychosis Disorders, Psychosomatic Disorders, Commiting Suicide, Problem of Drug Addiction in Society, Anger and Pain Management, Psycho-Therapeutic Measures and Psycho Analysis Technique.



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