India's Internal Security

Author: Dr. V. S. Bhagel

The challenges to our internal security, in addition to those mentioned above, including VIP security, border management, the problem of refugees, drug trafficking, disaster management, food security, economic security, energy security etc. These challenges have the potential to severely threaten our security fabric. Overcoming these innumerable challenges to internal security in India requires clear, tough and swift policy responses. 

Key Points: 

1. Internal Security is emerging as key for economic and political stability of a nation to ensure uninterrupted development and growth. 

2. It is vital to ensure that democratic process and institutions of governance remain functional and resilient. 

3. Conflict resolution in J&K and North East require a timeline for resolution because both conflicts have potential to spill over to other regions. 

4. LWE is one of the most potent threats that India is facing in the 21st century. Urban Naxalism is a reality and cannot be brushed aside. 

5. Indian Muslim Youth is a target for Jihadi ideologues to give impetus to instability in the heartland India. 

6. Cyber frontiers are required to be secured to prevent cyber terrorism. 

7. Youth bulge if not managed can become a cause of instability. Thus economic empowerment and engagement of youth is imperative.

ISBN: 978-93-89990-00-3 

Year: 2020



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