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There is no single accepted definition of educational management as its development is observed in several disciplines or fields like business, industry, political science, economics, administration, and law. So while defining the meaning of the term educational management can be said that “Educational management is a complex human enterprise in which different resources are brought together and made available to achieve and to accomplish the desired and expected goals or objectives. Administration in the area of education is a difficult job. Normally, the administration is based on the plank of tough handling and strict discipline, often imposed by force. It is here, where ordinary administration differs from educational administration. Educational administration cannot work successfully with a harsh attitude and a heavy hand. Educational institutions are run in a democratic and empirical manner. That’s why educational administrators should first of all be educationists and then administrators Educational systems exist within social and political systems. Since social and political systems have undergone and undergoing transition, it also impacts educational systems and patterns. In addition to abiding by the rules and regulations of the school, the teaching faculty are required to meet the expectations of parents in bringing out all-round development of their children Moreover, new innovations, technologies, changes, and decisions which the school administration wishes to implement may give rise to the new situation with varied problems. For efficient and effective functioning these problems must be sorted out and solved to the fullest satisfaction.

Contents: Educational Management,  Educational Planning and Supervision, Introduction to Educational Administration, Communication in Educational Management and Administration, Leadership in Education, Theories of Leadership, Educational Administrative Bodies in India at State and Local Level: Role and Functions

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