Dictionary of Terms in Tests, Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics

Author: Chavi Bhargava Sharma

This dictionary provides extensive coverage and is an attempt to explain the terms commonly used in Test, Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics. It strives to be a single resource and an easy reference for the terms used in Test, Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics. Every student studying psychology, sociology, and allied disciplines needs to look up the meanings of some or the other terms and this is what the book aims to do, provide answers in one resource and prevents the grueling task of looking up many books.

This dictionary will be useful for a wide variety of disciplines and people. The book is an alphabetical list of terms used in various disciplines of research, test, measurement, evaluation and statistics that provide user friendly definitions. There are many variations of terms, efforts has been made to cover the most practical and common terms used in behavioural scienc




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