Delhi Fort (A Guide to the Buildings and Gardens)

Author: Gordon Sanderson

Delhi Fort A Guide to the Historical Buildings and Gardens. After a reign of 11 years at Agra, Shahjahan desired to remove his capital to Delhi, because, according to Bernier, "the excessive heat to which that city (Agra) is exposed during the summer rendered it unfit for the residence of a monarch". Other reasons for the move are said to have been "the broken ravines throughout the latter city, want of space in the Fort, the narrowness of the streets, and the inconvenience caused to the inhabitants by the large crowds of troops and elephants and the retinues of the Emperor and his Umaras; while Mannucci speaks of the healthiness of Delhi and of Shahjahan's desire to perpetuate his memory by building a new capital there. After paying several visits to Delhi, he chose with the help of astrologers and Hakims a site on the mainland just south of Salimgarh, which had been founded in 1546 by Salim Shah, as a defence against the approach of Humayun. According to contemporary historians, the foundation of the citadel was laid on the 12th Dhilhijjah 1048 A.H. (1638  A.D.) and this date is corroborated by the inscriptions on the Khwabgarh. 



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