Author: Dr. H.S. Bhatia

A comprehensive book on industrial waste and its management is in your hand. It is comprehensive because it includes all essentials of industrial waste and its management. I also include other parameters like volume reduction, general and specific tests to be performed, removal of dissolved inorganic and organic salts. It also gives effects of industrial effluents on sewers, treatment plants and receiving streams. It also caters for disposal with domestic sewage and methods of separate treatment and disposal for oil types of industries. It also highlights on pre and primary treatment of industrial wastes. After this it describes methods of industrial treatment comprehensively for various types of industries. 

A very significant part is a detailed discussion on miscellaneous treatment processes like land treatment, deep well processes. Industrial disposal is another dimension which requires a very deep thought. This has been dealt vigorously on various types of industries like canning, to pharmaceutical to coal processing industry etc. etc. Pollution hazards is another important dimension...this also has been taken care in chapter seven. Sludge disposal is another important entity which also finds a place in chapter eight. At the end it was important to consider volume reduction of industrial wastes without which all other become non-salient. This also has been thoroughly discussed in chapter nine. An important consideration to typical stream discharge regulations and lastly a simple guideline for code of practice for better housekeeping and pollution control in electroplating industry forms a very important part of discussion.

ISBN: 978-93-89055-03-0 | Year: 2020



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